Chiropractic Care: The Magic Pill

Dr Roberto Fernandez

Dr Roberto Fernandez

chiropractic treatment magic pill

If I told you I had a magic pill that you could use anytime you felt discomfort, how likely would you be to take it?

What if I told you that it came with a possible side effects such as; nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, rashes, headaches, dark urine, clay colored stools, or even jaundice, would you still take it? What if it had a possible risk of abnormal liver function, acute liver failure, acute pustular eruptions on the skin, decreased blood platelets, decreased white blood cells, and even hepatitis caused by this pill, would you still take it? Well this pill exists and these side effects are part of what’s written under warnings for Tylenol, and yet people take it to treat a simple headache. Even worse, they give it to their children without ever questioning the risks.

We must realize that a headache is a symptom, not a disease. Just like every other symptom, there are simply alarm signs our body is sending us, letting us know that something is wrong. Much like a smoke detector going off in case of a fire. However, no one would control a fire by removing the battery of the smoke detector and turning off the alarm. Why do we think we can treat our health by turning off a symptom? It is only logical that a headache is not produced by our body not having enough “Tylenol”. The question we should always ask when dealing with a symptom is; What is the cause? If my body was truly healthy from within, would I be having this symptom?

Chiropractic offers the ability to analyze the nervous system, which is in control of every other system in the body. This includes your circulatory, digestive, respiratory, immune, skeletal, muscle, and integumentary systems. If your spine and associated muscles are creating tension on these delicate and vital nerves as they exit the spinal cord, they can in turn affect your overall health. For this reason alone, it is imperative that everyone check their spinal health on a regular basis to assure themselves that their body is functioning at its highest potential.

True health must begin from the inside of our body and express itself outward. The next time someone tells you to pop a pill to cover up a symptom, the alarm your body is sending you, ask yourself if you are certain that your nervous system and all that it controls are functioning without interference.


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